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We at Iron tiger Taekwondo specialise in Martial Arts programs specifically for kids.

Our Programs are loads of fun combining physical activities as well as developing mental strength. They are designed to enhance and teach students lifelong learning skills of respect, discipline and confidence in their daily activities.

Children who participate in martial arts, will not only come away with physical well being, but self control, etiquette, modesty and an indomitable spirit plus the ability to aim for a goal. In doing so they learn what’s needed to achieve the goal and therefore succeed, not only in the gym but in life as well.

Iron Tiger Taekwondo, specifically design martial art classes for the little kids, as well as junior, intermediate, adult and we also have classes for families.

Iron tiger also provides private lessons for children in martial arts.

To excite the children in wanting to do martial arts, we have many activities and classes designed specifically to kids abilities and needs.
We make martial arts for kids, fun and exciting, with challenges every class.

We encourage a real community atmosphere. Building on the discipline needed for martial arts, which promotes courage and mental strength needed in children and its ever-changing environment and influences.

If you are looking to build confidence in your children and improve their co-ordination, enhance there concentration, gain mental, physical and core fitness, and to not be bullied any longer, to make new friends or just looking for new challenges and to have some fun, than you need to bring your child to Irontiger Taekwondo.

At Iron Tiger we believe that when it comes to martial arts and children the most important part of reaching your goal is to make sure you had fun along the way.

Taekwondo not only represents a combination of strength, discipline, knowledge and determination, but also a chance to have a lot of fun.

Through hard work and training your child can advance through the belts and grow in not just skill, but also in character.

We believe you are never to young, or to old to discover the benefits of martial arts for children and at Iron Tiger you will LEARN THE ART & DISCOVER THE PASSION of Taekwondo.

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